Vyacheslav Ganelin is a virtuoso, and a musician of tremendous versatility. Apart from the Ganelin Trio he developed a solo career. This is what NAT HENTOFF wrote about him in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: "Mr. Ganelin is a romantic pianist, a devotee of dramatic atmospheric effects - from the mysterious and eerie to thunderbolts from the soul. Above his piano keyboardare two small electronic synthesizers, one adding treble dimensions and the other allowing Mr. Ganelin deep and wide play among the ranges of the bass. It's fun to see a musician having so much pleasure in the scope of his resources."

Ganelin's first solo album, released in Spring of 1987, received excellent reviews, with all the reviewers underlining his immaculate structures, imagination, textures, taste, etc. As John Fordham put it in the GUARDIAN: " He's a musician of great resourcefulness and some of his straoght melodic piano playing is elegant and eloguent.